Teaser for ‘Pleasure Beach’

A teaser is now available for the short film ‘Pleasure Beach’, written by Rick, at

‘Paul Bassingthwaighte (the Director) and I spent a good chunk of time crafting the potential for this project, developing authentic and bold characters, adding layers of emotionality and really nailing a sold story. This close collaboration allowed me to understand the visual and dramatic demands of Paul’s directing style and enabled us to create, what we hope viewers will find to be, a pretty powerful story. Casting was crucial and Paul managed to secure a talented cast, each able to reach into their characters to express and define their uniqueness and personalities. Nicki and Josh at Eavesdrop Films did an amazing job producing the project and helping to secure a location setting that was spookily close to what I had originally envisaged.’


Thank you BAFTA Scotland

—Thank you BAFTA Scotland

BAFTA Scotland nomination

Rick was delighted to be nominated for a 2012 BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award in the ‘writer’ category for the short film ‘Victims’.

‘It was an amazing experience getting the Nomination and being invited to the plush and glitzy event in Glasgow. You can perhaps imagine sweaty hands at the ready, a scrunched up speach in jacket pocket … and then the Winner was announced… it wasn’t me. Cue my smile through gritted teath, nodding head and my over-enthusiastic applause. No seriously, the winner was a deserved winner.’

You can watch ‘Victims’ on YouTube for £1.99 as set up by film distributor Shorts International.

Experiences of Person-Centred Counselling Training

—Experiences of Person-Centred Counselling Training

Experiences of Person-Centred Counselling Training: A Compendium of Case Studies to Assist Prospective Applicants

From the Publisher’s website…

This book could be described as a rough guide to person-centred counselling training. A book borne out of personal experience in more ways than one, this volume started life as an idea in a person-centred training group. Laura Buchanan and Rick Hughes then set about collecting hundreds of personal accounts of person-centred training from all over the UK.

The book covers all the topics that prospective trainees could wish to know about from funding and course applications through to what happens when you finish the course. It is a compendium of unsentimental testimony from dozens of trainees with some contributions from trainers to complete the picture. Aimed at anyone contemplating embarking on person-centred counselling training, the book may also be of help to those considering trainings in other counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches. An excellent preparation for counsellor training, Experiences of Person-Centred Counselling Training will help prospective applicants ask themselves some key, perhaps painful, questions before starting the course application stage. Deliberately priced to suit the pockets of hard-pressed prospective trainees, it is packed with personal experience and useful information.

Available at

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