The following scripts are available for consideration. If you’d like to read any of these scripts please get in touch.

  • The Bothy Experience

    107 minutes

    An arrogant, hot-shot Londoner is fired, dumped then rips off a local drug-lord. Fleeing for his life to the Scottish Highlands, he hides away in an isolated Bothy shelter and encounters a colourful mass of hikers, wanderers and misfits, who enable him to reflect on his life, for the better. Comedy.

  • Milked of Human Kindness

    90 minutes

    A young girl suffers amnesia after a freak accident in London and is befriended by a couple of down-and-outs, who pulls her under their wing on the streets, dodging the mass of society exploitation and abuse, to finally find and reunite her with her distraught family.

    [Short-listed for Channel 4's 'Coming Up' Scheme]

  • Moral Compass

    94 minutes

    A Doctor, who is the main carer for his stroke-afflicted wife, finds himself in a position to be the judge, jury and executioner for a really ‘bad’ person… and he can get away with murder. But can he cope with the guilt and the demons that bore into his soul?

    [Short-listed by BBC Writersroom]

  • Scrambled Eigg

    92 minutes

    The Isle of Eigg off the Scottish coast faces bankruptcy until a storm washes ashore some timely treasure. But its owner wants it back forcing the dozy community to pull together to stave off eviction. A light-hearted romp of a tribute to ‘Whisky Galore’ and ‘Local Hero’.

  • PTSD

    10 minutes

    Adjusting to ‘Civvy Street’ after the theatre of war can devastate family life, yet irrational behaviours can trigger consequences beyond their intentions, which impact on how civilians (alien to armed conflict) can judge ex-military personnel.

    This script has received positive support from Combat Stress.

  • Pyjama Party

    12 minutes

    The midnight ‘best party ever’ for a 6 year old, masks a terrifying ordeal for her family in Northern Ireland at the height of the ‘Troubles.

  • Margaret Thatcher’s Handbag

    10 minutes

    A mysterious handbag changes the personality of all who possess ‘her’. A light-hearted reflection on the character of the former Prime Minister.

  • We’re All In This Together

    7 Minutes

    A small community learn to keep the credit-crunch at bay by a creative approach to ‘lending’… where trades are made but nobody actually pays anybody anything. A light-hearted poke at the Government’s austerity programme. Comedy.

  • A&E

    9 minutes

    Teenager Andy and ‘old man’ Eric wake up in a hospital ward to find they were involved in a road traffic accident. Whilst the trauma connects the men, prejudices serve to dictate a social stereotype that provides the story with an unlikely twist.

  • Wakey Wakey

    3 minutes

    A lad comes out of a coma to find, gathered round his hospital bed, his friends and family… but so much has changed, and perhaps not for the better, that he wishes he was back in the coma. Single location Comedy.

  • The Present

    10 minutes

    Collecting a partner’s birthday present should be plain sailing. But as a spiral of events unfold, the good intention turns into a nightmare. If you think you’ve had a bad day, you ain’t seen nothing yet! A light-hearted nod to ‘Falling Down’.

  • Sirens

    10 minutes

    A man tortured by the loss of his daughter embarks on an ever-increasing adrenalin-fuelled, life-threatening obsession until his high-risk behaviours threaten to reunite him with her.

  • Kill Phil

    9 minutes

    After the tragic loss of his wife, bereft 60’s Phil can only think about ending his life so he can be with her. But it’s not as easy as he thinks. Bittersweet comedy.

  • The Child

    10 minutes

    A restraining order isn’t going to stop a father take out his daughter for a day out. But his increasingly erratic behaviour reveals why the court made its decision.

  • Bus 258

    60 minutes

    The lives of four average people come together as a result of the London Bombings. How they deal with their experience changes them forever.

  • Reporting Very Bad Things

    10 minutes

    After capturing footage of a horrific incident, a war correspondent’s biggest battle is convincing her editor not to sanitise the material and to report the truth.

  • Tiddles & Piddles

    3 minutes

    The cat’s pissing on the kitchen floor again. But the vet says there’s nothing wrong. All is revealed by the dog-loving, cat-hater.

  • A Ticket To Love

    10 minutes

    Is there nothing that can thwart the evil menace of Traffic Wardens? Well there is. And they’re called Parking Angels. A street-parking Romeo & Juliet.

  • The Man Next Door

    30 minutes

    A murder next door propels a shy cafe worker into the media spotlight as a champion of a worried community. But as the media can make you a hero … it can also make you the villain

  • Bobby’s Day Out

    10 minutes

    Bliss, tranquility and childhood innocence sets the tone for a picnic at an empty beach for a young boy and his Gran. But in the background, a menacing threat looms.

  • The Petersen Files

    93 minutes

    Invited by Studio Scotland to turn their story into a script. First draft completed and submitted. Now in development.