• International Handbook of Workplace Trauma Support

    Script Consultant

    “This book is not just a reference tool to consider the subject in greater detail; it is a workplace essential for individuals and organisations, especially those with responsibility for engaging the service of trauma practitioners.” (Counselling at Work, 1 October 2012)

    “Those interested in designing workplace programs would do well to examine their reliance on CISM and its efficacy on their clients. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Graduate students, researchers, and practitioners.” (Choice, 1 December 2012)

    “By including international contributions, the editors are able to demonstrate how professionals across a swathe of different cultural or social environments and different disciplines are responding to and managing traumatic events. This helpfully demonstrates the influence of social, political and cultural factors on responses to workplace trauma and support. The book demonstrates quite clearly that one size does not fit all.

    Overall the book provides something for everyone who is or may be involved in working with trauma in the workplace. This book is both a reference tool of biblical dimensions and an invaluable workplace tool for practitioners and fororganisations that contract their services.” (Therapy Today (BACP Journal), October 2012)

    Available at http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0470974133.html

  • Employee Well-being Support: A Workplace Resource

    “This is an extremely well-researched and referenced work that contains a wealth of information covering organisational and mental health issues in the workplace.” (Nursing Management, July 2008)

    “Would be an excellent reference book for anyone studying this topic in-depth…Good value for a detailed guide to employee wellbeing.” (Nursing Standard, June 2008)

    Available at http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0470059001.html

  • Experiences of Person-Centred Counselling Training

    There are precious few texts explicitly about person-centred counselling training and those which are written by trainers must be regarded with the appropriate suspicion that they may be offering a gloss on events. This book is written for trainees, therefore it must be read by trainers. Nor should they feel apprehensive about the prospect, for the critique offered by their former trainees is both balanced and considerate as well as insightful. Also, many parts of the book cover areas where the trainer has no direct experience, such as the moving section on the impact of the training experience upon relations with peers, partners and parents … Some counselling trainers might be apprehensive about this book – it is possible that it may deter some prospective trainees. My own view is that, hopefully, this will be the case.

    From the Foreword by Professor Dave Mearns

    Available at http://www.pccs-books.co.uk/products/experiences-of-person-centred-counselling-training-a-compendium-of-case-stu/#.WJWo1X-ncuc

  • Screenwriting Testimonial from Tim Berry

    Director, Tim Berry Films

    “Rick is a writer who has shown an ability to draw on his experiences to great advantage, creating emotionally complex, three dimensional characters and placing them into sensitively handled, thought-provoking situations. He specialises in character drama and shows a keen desire to continue his learning about the motivations of his protagonists, never passing judgement on their actions and allowing them to speak for themselves. Rick continuously strives to improve on his work, remaining ever committed to any given project for as long as it is necessary.

    As a director, I have found working with Rick towards realising one of his screenplays, Victims, an extremely positive and rewarding experience. In addition to his ability to communicate strong emotional and ethical ideas in his work, he understands the importance of development and collaboration, working tirelessly to adapt his own work into new, previously unconsidered territory. Rick has a vast understanding of the characters he has created but is never closed to the ideas of others and this is a vital quality in any writer working in film and television. However, while he allows his work to develop based on the suggestions of others, he is also able to justify any ideas which he feels strongly about, conveying these ideas objectively and in a concise and diplomatic manner. This allows a director to fully understand the motives behind his ideas and this is a skill to which many writers aspire.

    Victims is a film which relies heavily on its storytelling and it is a testament to Rick’s writing that we were able to attract such a strong cast, overwhelming industry support and a nomination for the Film London Best of Borough Award. Rick is a promising and enthusiastic writer.”

  • Screenwriting Testimonial from Trevor Walsh

    Director, White Tiger Films

    “Rick’s talent was brought to my attention during a script competition I ran in conjunction with Virgin Media, to find the story that would form the basis of our entry to this prestigious short film festival.

    It is vitally important to me that I select writers with a unique voice and an abundance of creative talent as the reputation of my company, and the future success of the film relies heavily on the skill and experience of the writers I collaborate with.  From the first page I knew there was some magic in the script, the concept in conjunction with Rick’s razor sharp witty dialogue led to choosing ‘Back Chat’ over the other 50 or so, solid entries we had.

    Throughout development, Rick was always on hand and eager and willing to listen and more importantly mold and polish my ideas to fit with the tone of the script. It always felt like a real collaboration rather than me, the Director, forcing changes on a stubborn and precious writer, which I have had with previous collaborations.

    It is because of this flexibility, can do attitude and abundant creativity I hope to continue collaborating with Rick on future shorts, and a potential TV pilot concept.

    Rick has a bright future ahead of him.  I couldn’t recommend Rick highly enough.”